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Management Resources Consultants

Firm overview

Denzler has been a Management Resources consulting firm active in Switzerland and abroad, before such services existed. We have been delivering trusted advice over two decades to senior management, on an extensive range of management resource issues, our core activity being that of high-level executive search. We also support senior management to evaluate their needs regarding the performance and resourcing matters of C-level executives.

Every engagement is tailor-made to fit the specific needs of a client. We are a boutique search firm, with global reach and the experience found in larger companies but with the accessibility, agility, and partnership only obtained in smaller, client-oriented ones.

We are very proud of the reputation Denzler has achieved in Switzerland: there are only a few high-end search firms that can boast an image equivalent to ours. Most of our clients return to Denzler with new assignments. In this business, credibility and reputation helps not only in ensuring the trust and motivation of the most qualified professionals who may be potential candidates, but in the acquisition of new client firms with little resource expenditure on our part, so our executives can continue to focus on bringing their current clients the results they deserve.