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Social Media Matters

Every relationship starts somewhere. Our specialized research team is dedicated to a systematic examination of the market in order to tailor an executive search to deliver only the most qualified candidates to our clients—an approach that is facilitated by online professional networks such as LinkedIn. Registering your professional qualifications and experience with an online network increases your visibility and with it, your chances of being contacted by one of our consultants when we start a new search.


We encourage every professional to create and cultivate a profile on LinkedIn, whether you are actively looking for a new challenge or simply open to fresh opportunities. For executives in a hiring role, LinkedIn enables potential management resources to learn more about you and reach out, unsolicited.

It is an efficient practice to maintain up-to-date career information, and the professional network on LinkedIn offers you exposure and access to Hiring Managers, Human Resource professionals, recruiters, and executive search firms like us.

While we can never promote a particular individual to prospective companies, we need to know your talents in order to determine if your qualifications match our executive search assignments. Should a match emerge, Denzler will never share your details without your express approval.

It is important to remember that while some social networks are informal, your LinkedIn profile should reflect the professional you are. Do not allow the ease of the platform to fool you into becoming inappropriately informal.