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Finding Leaders

Executive Search

Our mission is to find the best professionals for management resourcing needs. An executive search in today’s complex global market opens an enterprise to a host of vulnerabilities, and it thus demands that significant details—both of the search process and parameters—are managed with the utmost attention and discretion. All of our engagements are led by highly qualified senior consultants, who can provide unparalleled results in the shortest amount of time.

When a successful professional becomes a candidate

Our responsibility is not only to identify potential candidates, but to thoroughly understand our client’s need in order to ensure that the skills, expertise, and personality of the professionals we select correspond both to the position and the culture of the enterprise.

There are only a handful of search firms that have the experience and understanding of how to find the right person for a management position without focusing on the most obvious tools. Often the best candidates may not be “advertising” themselves. The right person may not even be considering a career move, and it is a boutique firm such as Denzler & Partners that can find and engage these people because we are small, focused, and staffed only by senior consultants.

Experience counts

Today’s technology offers an enormous amount of data regarding a professional’s history and qualifications. Yet not all of it is relevant, helpful, or even accurate. The easy access to freely available information is enticing, but our experienced professionals have insight beyond the Internet’s illusion of transparency. Our consultants know how to avoid common pitfalls that can lead to eliminating a suitable candidate or making a weak selection based on someone’s unreliable virtual profile.

We recommend that all enterprises seeking an executive search firm consider the career history of their search consultants. It is as important as potential candidates: we think former C-level executives are the best to lead a CEO or other executive tier search. Denzler has been providing this specialized service for more than 20 years, and we are pleased to continue to offer the type of bespoke evaluation and analysis, the ability to rapidly assimilate a client’s specific needs, and the dedication to quality of service that has been the cornerstone of our reputation.