How We Work


We develop long-lasting partnerships as trusted advisors

Every engagement is tailor-made to fit the specific needs of a client. We are a boutique search firm, with the experience found in larger companies combined with the accessibility and partnership only obtained in smaller firms.


Denzler has the utmost respect for both our clients and candidates. We devise unique solutions to protect the identity of both, conducting searches with unsurpassed discretion.

Exclusivity and Retainer-based

When we are retained for an executive search, we do so on the basis of exclusivity, which means we are the only firm working to fill that particular management position. The process is extremely consultative, to which we bring our knowledge of the current market conditions to advise the client. We learn about the client’s corporate culture and help them define or refine the job specifications. We are present for every step of the selection and hiring process. This is an extremely important part of the value we bring to our partners, as it ensures the expectations of both the client and candidates are aligned, reducing risk for both parties. It also allows us the best opportunity to successfully match a candidate by both experience and culture to the position that needs to be filled.

Seniority of our Consultants

The Senior Consultant to whom our client has entrusted an engagement is personally in charge of that search for the duration of the process. The successful careers and experience of the Denzler' consultants is unique among management resources consultants. They bring the willingness to see the details, the ability to focus on the fundamentals, and the knowledge to foresee and resolve complex management situations, among dozens of other intangible considerations that only experience offers. Knowledge of the local and global marketplace or industry adds insightful judgments about candidates to be approached, and eventually short-listed. The wisdom and judgment of our executives is not replaced at any point: responsibility is never delegated to assistants.

Across Industries

Denzler works for clients in a wide variety of business sectors. We do not focus on or specialize in a single industry. Our clients benefit as it allows us to open a complex search when a cross-industry hire may be the most appropriate fit for a position. Working outside of a single industry allows for greater confidentiality, fewer conflicts of interest, and removes many barriers such as non-compete clauses.

We have successfully worked with clients in the following sectors:

  • Multinational corporations
  • Banks and financial and insurance firms
  • Swiss-based medium to large enterprises
  • Technology start-ups
  • Luxury goods, jewelry, and watches
  • Government institutions
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Non governmental organizations (NGOs)