Management Audit


Better Leadership

Management Audit

The talent and effectiveness of your leadership is among the most important factors to corporate success. Denzler offers its expertise to evaluate the arrangement, performance, and financial impact of a management structure, including board members and their ability to implement strategies that benefit shareholders.

Dynamics of corporate governance

A management audit is an analysis of the quality of an existing management structure along with an action plan if adjustment is needed. Often, this practice is extremely beneficial before launching an executive search to fill a senior level position. We can make sure the organization is prepared to receive a new, valuable professional and benefit from the opportunity presented by the acquisition.

An audit helps:

  • Ensure the organization is prepared for change, open to the benefits of a different perspective, and motivated to implement new strategies
  • Pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the existing management structure and executives
  • Define areas in which further training will benefit the organization and where revision of compensation packages would be effective
  • Make recommendations for employee retention and occupational transitions